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Group Introduction

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co., Ltd.,with Industrial Materials and medical equipment products as the core, it has six major product branches, divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide , heat exchangers , medical devices and lubricant products. Main products are: carbon steel pipe and pipe fittings; stainless steel products and Nickle Alloy Steel; Heat exchanger tube plates, U bent tube,etc; tungsten carbide products and all kinds of medical products.

The company has established a wide range of international sales network ,large quantities products are supplied to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and America, Australia ,Europe and other regions. They are mainly used in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, nuclear power, paper making, marine vessel metallurgy , new energy sources and food industry etc. Such as Water Pipe Line in Oman,City Construction in Kuwait,Southern Project In South Africa,etc.

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co., Ltd. for carbon steel and stainless steel branch company are mainly provide carbon seamless/welded steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, galvanized pipe, anti-corrosion pipe , carbon/stainless pipe fittings, Stainless steel pipe/plate/coils/bar, and Nickle alloy steel which are widely used for medical and health care, food processing, civil construction, oil extraction, pipeline laying , chemical industry and other projects. 
Meanwhile,Product quality is our priority concern, We supply steel products which has approved by ISO 9001, API,CE certificate,etc.

The Import and Export Branch of Hong Kong Kingsun Co.,Ltd , was established in 2001 to lay a solid foundation for Jetvision . The branch Hunan Jierong Investment Management Co., Ltd. provided sufficient financial support for Jetvision . Branch Changsha Jetsun Trade Development Co., Ltd was established in 2002. It is mainly engaged in the sales of mechanical equipment, hardware, electrical equipment, metal materials and other products.

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