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Material Requirements for Carbide Wire Drawing Dies

Date:2021-11-15Tags:Carbide Wire Drawing Dies,Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Mold,Carbide Mould,Cemented Carbide Dies,Die
As the advantages of cemented carbide wire drawing dies are widely used, the advantages of its use characteristics are recognized by everyone, in order to better application, let's understand what are the material requirements of wire drawing dies.
Cemented carbide for wire drawing die is a low cobalt content carbide-tungsten alloy with good wear resistance, impact resistance, polishability and corrosion resistance, easy to repair and low cost, which is widely used in drawing medium and thick wire. The results show that by improving the composition and structure of cemented carbide and controlling the fluctuation of carbon content, the performance of cemented carbide can be improved and the service life extended. At present, hip solution, ultra-nano-microcrystalline processing technology, adding rare earths to reduce porosity, microfine crystals, improve the strength of aluminum alloy, reduce friction resistance, chemical vapor deposition method and physical liquid phase accumulation method are chosen worldwide to prepare thin film or titanium nitride coating on the surface of cemented carbide tools to improve the compressive strength of aluminum alloy

Natural diamond is the most, the hardest material in nature, with high wear resistance and thermal conductivity, which can improve the surface quality of steel wire, improve the performance and dimensional accuracy of steel wire, and is mainly used for drawing and finished steel wire. However, its nature is brittle, poor impact resistance, isotropic hardness, easy to wear uneven drawing dies. In addition, diamond is rare, expensive and difficult to process, so it is limited in wire drawing and coarse wire.

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