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Tungsten Carbide Round Bar Sintering

Date:2021-11-18Tags:Tungsten Carbide Round Bar, Carbide Round Rod, Carbide Rod Blank, Carbide Rod, Carbide Round Rod Bar

Carbide round bar production and processing, there is a link that determines the quality and delivery time, this link is the sintering link, which plays a decisive role in whether the quality of carbide round bar can be qualified.

After the production of cemented carbide round bars, they are sintered through an overpressure sintering furnace (600 kg per furnace), which results in a fast production cycle and uniform overall performance. At the same time, our products will go through some special processes, special ingredients; spray granulation, isostatic pressing, overpressure sintering, deep cooling treatment, etc., which can greatly improve the comprehensive performance of the alloy.

Isostatic pressing is widely used in the production of cemented carbide round bar, which solves the problem of pressing production of large products. After isostatic pressing, carbide products have the advantages of uniform structure, high density, low sintering shrinkage, high production efficiency, complex shape, large size products and precision size products, etc., which is a more advanced forming process. Our tungsten carbide round bar is produced and processed by this method. We have the flexibility to change the production method according to the customer's needs such as the length and application of the carbide round bar. Over the years, we have been helping customers to solve various technical problems encountered in the production and use process, achieving bottleneck breakthroughs and helping customers to improve their performance.

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