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Carbide Bushings to Customize According to the Picture

Date:2021-11-22Tags:Cemented Carbide Bushings,Carbide Shaft Sleeve,Tungsten Carbide Shaft Sleeve,Carbide Bushing,Carbide

Cemented carbide bushings are often used in petroleum equipment, pump industry mechanical seals, such environments require bushings resistant to wear and corrosion, and the use of cemented carbide material as a substrate to tungsten steel machining precision manufacturing of alloy sliding bearings, alloy bearing bushings have good performance, high hardness, high precision, good finish suitable for long-term use requirements under such conditions.

Our tungsten carbide bushings have the following characteristics. Adopting 100% tungsten carbide raw materials, having stable chemical and physical properties, good wear and corrosion resistance, HIP sintering, good denseness, high precision of blank processing, factory quotation, strict product quality inspection. So the product quality can be assured.

We Jetvision professional production and processing of carbide bushings, to undertake carbide, tungsten steel processing, including carbide slide bearings, carbide bearing bushings custom production, is one of the few professional manufacturers in China, has its own R & D team, exclusive formula, is a manufacturer, and is a national high-tech enterprises, through and implementation of ISO9001, 2008 quality management system, 1400 Environmental protection system, through the international authority certification body SGS certification.

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