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Introduction to the Classification of Wire Drawing Dies

Date:2021-11-25Tags:Classification of Wire Drawing Dies,Carbide Wire Drawing Dies,Carbide Die,Carbide Mold,Carbide Mould

Carbide wire drawing die is used widely in our life. Wire drawing die can be divided into four categories.We Jetvision share something with you.......

1.Steel die - pulling soft metals (such as gold and silver) when the steel die is enough, the steel die can have more than one hole of different apertures.

2.Carbide die - pulling steel wire (steel wire) is generally used carbide die (Tungsten carbide nib), the typical structure of this die is a cylindrical (or slightly tapered) carbide core closely set in a round steel sleeve (case), the inner hole of the core has a flared mouth (Bell radius), entrance cone (Entrance angel), deformation (work) cone (approach angle), sizing belt (bearing) and exit angle (back relief).

3.Wire die - pulling non-ferrous metal wire, such as copper, aluminum, also more use and wire die similar to the drawing die, the inner hole shape some differences.

4.Polycrystalline die - pulling fine wire available to polycrystalline die (artificial diamond), there are natural diamond wire drawing die used.

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