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What are the Advantages of Carbide Seals?

Date:2022-01-14Tags:Carbide Seals,Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings,Cemented Carbide Seals,Carbide Seal Kits,Sintered Carbide

Carbide seals are components or parts that prevent substances such as fluids or solid particles from escaping and other impurities from entering the interior. So what are the advantages of carbide seals and why are they becoming mainstream in the sealing world?

Firstly, carbide seals are structurally reliable and leaks can be limited to such an extent that they are not even visible to the naked eye, mainly due to the small surface roughness and straightness of the sealing surface and the good abrasiveness of the material.

The carbide seals then have a long life span and can be kept in service for a long time, even under harsh conditions.

In use, they operate without adjustment, are vibration resistant, automatically maintain contact after fitting and do not have a wide range of amplitudes due to vibration or fast rotational speeds.

The range of application is also very wide. When the sealing medium is flammable, explosive, toxic or harmful, the carbide seal is used to ensure sealing. It is also suitable for sealing equipment at high temperatures, low temperatures, high pressures, vacuums of various speeds and corrosive media.

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