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What’s the Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade Tips ?

Date:2022-04-26Tags:Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade Tips,Carbide Blade,Carbide saw blade tips manufacturer,Carbide Tips Price

Tungsten carbide saw blade tips are carbide saw blade tips. Tungsten carbide saw blade tips is a cutting tool for processing wood products, and the quality of the carbide saw blade tips is closely related to the quality of the processed products. The correct and reasonable choice of carbide saw blade tips is of great significance for improving product quality, shortening the processing cycle and reducing processing costs.

The application of carbide saw blade tips.

1. Wood: hardwood, logs, common wood, recycled wood and other cutting saw blades.

2. Soft metals: non-ferrous metals such as aluminium alloys and copper, lead, iron, etc., carbide cutting saw blades for soft metals.

3. Plate: High density board, solid wood, industrial plywood, baking board and laminated board, etc. professional cutting.

4. Steel: for professional cutting of steel, metal, etc.

5. Industrial materials: cutting and processing of plastics, plastics, PVC, etc.

We Jetvision offer a wide range of carbide saw blade tips for customers to choose from.

1. National standard saw blades, such as JP series, JX series, etc.

2. European standard saw blades

3. American standard saw blades

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