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What is Carbide Buttons for Coal Mining?

Date:2022-05-01Tags:Carbide buttons for coal mining,carbide coal mining button,carbide mining button coal,carbide button

Cemented carbide button for coal mining, also known as tungsten steel coal mining button, are made of cemented carbide powder mixed, ball-milled and a series of metallurgical powder process methods such as pressing and sintering, mainly used in excavation, coal mining, mining and other fields.

The construction of rotary drilling rig is an advanced piling construction method that has been developed rapidly in China recently. The construction of rotary drilling rig has many features such as large output distance, high installed power, high axial pressure, flexible rotation, high construction efficiency, environmental protection, low noise, high mechanization, high hole quality, etc. The working conditions of the strata under construction are severe, so only high quality carbide cut-off teeth can meet the above requirements.

Cemented carbide has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Therefore, cemented carbide coal mining button are durable, corrosion resistant, rust-free, long service life, and are very popular, and more and more engineering parts have adopted this material. Cemented carbide coal mining button are mainly used on shield machines, coal mining machines, comprehensive mining machines, comprehensive excavators, continuous mining machines, roadheading machines and rotary excavators for drilling into hard rock formations and hard rock formations. There are flake coal cutter teeth, column coal cutter teeth and shaped coal cutter teeth. We can make them according to the requirements of drawings to meet the needs of enterprises.

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