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What are the Characteristics and Uses of Tungsten Carbide Sheet?

Date:2022-05-11Tags:Tungsten Carbide Sheet,Carbide Plates Price List,Tungsten Alloy Plates,Carbide Sheet Made in China

Tungsten carbide plate, also called tungsten alloy plate, has good durability and strong impact resistance and can be used in hardware and standard stamping dies.

Cemented carbide plate has high density, high hardness and wear resistance, and is an excellent material for use as parts for various tools. Cemented carbide plate is used in the manufacture of various metals, and no metal cutters, shears, wear-resistant tools such as knives, etc. It can be screened using electric internal furnaces, heating insulation. By high quality special treatment, hot rolled and cold rolled products can be supplied as tungsten plate, tungsten electrode plate, shield and tungsten ship etc. used in electronics, vacuum electronics and lighting etc.

Tungsten carbide plates are widely used in electronics industry, motor rotors, stators, LED lead frames, EI wafers, etc. All tungsten carbide blocks must be inspected strictly and only those without any harm such as holes, bubbles, cracks, etc. can be shipped out.

Cemented carbide plate has high hardness, good wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even if the temperature at 500 degrees also remains basically unchanged.

The Characteristics of Cemented Carbide Plate.

1. Excellent thermal stability and high temperature resistance to deformation.

2. High mechanical temperature at high temperature.

3. Good resistance to thermal shock.

4. High thermal conductivity.

5. Excellent oxidation control ability.

6. Corrosion resistance at high temperatures.

7. Excellent corrosion resistance against chemicals.

8. High wear resistance.

9. Long service life.

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