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Pakistan Tungsten Carbide Reamer Order

Date:2022-07-13Tags:Cemented Carbide Reamer,Carbide Cutting,Carbide Reamer Price,Pakistan Tungsten Carbide Reamer Order

In April of 2022, Hunan Jetvision received an inquiry for the cemented carbide reamer from Pakistan. This was a newly developed customer. In order to had better understanding about the detailed situation,our sales engineer conducted detailed negotiation and communication with client. Combined with the specific needs of the customer, we customized a service plan and a reasonable quotation for the customer. The meticulous and thoughtful service of hwole process left a deep impression on the customer. Finally, in June 2022, the customer successfully won the order and shared the good news with us at first time.

This order product is several branch carbide reamers, divided into 2 specifications, which are required to be made of virgin material and to be produced according to the drawings. It is be required to high quality. After confirming the drawing with the customer, We mobilized excellent technicians from the production department toadd the production line of this batch of goods, and the QC department conducted multiple audits to avoid errors.

Due to the first cooperation, the customer required that the overall production process must be supervised by a third-party inspection company. And a third-party laboratory with CNAS certification was also designated. It was necessary to carry out appearance, size, physical and chemical inspection of the products. Hunan Jetvision cooperated with the third-party inspection with great care. Every step from the inspection of raw materials, production process to the final finished product could not be neglected. Finally, all products passed the inspection. After receiving the inspection report from the third party, the customer appreciated our service and products, and promised to cooperate again. At present,the customer has received the whole batch of goods and is satisfied with them.We will go on with our original aspiration.

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