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Hungary Customised Tungsten Carbide Pendulum Hammer Order

Date:2022-08-03Tags:Hungary Customised Tungsten Carbide Pendulum Hammer Order,cemented carbide Pendulum Hammer,carbide

About the sand making machinery used to crush iron sand and other wear-resistant machinery are required to have high wear resistance of wearing parts, so in the selection of materials usually choose such as high chrome alloy, or cemented carbide to do the relevant parts, more often need to have diamond properties of cemented carbide to produce similar effects, Hunan Jingchu is a company that makes cemented carbide and customtungsten carbide, usually the company will be based on the customer's use to choose the material. The company usually selects the material according to the customer's usage, such as YG6/YG8 for inserts, and the general grade YL10.2, which are some of the frequently used ones.

The company received a request from a Hungarian customer for a carbide pendulum in sand making equipment, and after careful analysis of the customer's use by the technical staff, the sales staff produced the product according to the specific carbide grade customized by the customer.

After receiving the sample, the customer tried it with very good effect and immediately placed an order for 300 kg of cemented carbide afterwards.

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