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What are the Advantageous Features of Carbide Cutting Tools?

Date:2022-08-24Tags:cemented carbide cutting tools price list,tungsten carbide inserts,solid carbide blades manufacturer

Do you know what are the advantageous features of carbide cutting tools ? We Jetvision share something with you.

1.High hardness (86~93HRA, equivalent to 69~81HRC)

2.Good thermal hardness (up to 900~1000℃, maintaining 60HRC).

3.Good wear resistance. Cemented carbide tools than high-speed steel cutting speed 4 ~ 7 times higher, tool life 5 ~ 80 times higher. Manufacture of molds and gauges, life is 20 to 150 times higher than alloy tool steel. Can cut about 50HRC hard material.

Carbide tool use: carbide tools are generally mainly used in CNC machining centers, cnc engraving machines. Can also be mounted to the ordinary milling machine to process some relatively hard not complex heat treatment materials.

At present, the market of composite materials, industrial plastics, plexiglass materials and non-ferrous materials such as material processing cutting tools are carbide tools.

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