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What’s the Features of Tungsten Carbide Valve Ball?

Date:2022-09-22Tags:What’s the Features of Tungsten Carbide Valve Ball?Carbide valve ball price list,Tungsten valve ball

Features of the wear and corrosion resistant non-magnetic alloy ball valve.


Cemented carbide valve ball or carbide ball valve is evolved from the traditional plug valve, its opening and closing member is a sphere, through the sphere around the valve stem axis to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.

Widely used in oil drilling, deep sea drilling and other fields, the sump pump valve ball and seat, which is also one of the key components in the sump pump.

Cemented carbide valve balls and seats should have good sealing properties, wear and corrosion resistance.

Cemented carbide has high hardness, high density, high strength and stable chemical properties as well as its good bending strength, impact toughness


Cemented carbide ball valve features.

1. Alloy seat and carbide ball matching use

2. The alloy seat has excellent sealing and wear resistance

3. Alloy seat bevel flat, smooth


The main advantages of carbide ball valves can be divided into the following areas.

1. It has the theoretically lowest flow resistance (flow resistance is the ratio of the pressure difference added to the two sides of the sample of acoustic material to the linear velocity of the airflow through the sample in a steady airflow state.) 2.

2. Excellent chemical stability and abrasion and corrosion resistance, allowing contact with most liquids and some corrosive media.

3. The ability to achieve complete sealing even at high temperatures and pressures (nominal pressures from vacuum to 42 MPa)

4. As the carbide ball valve uses the ball as the opening and closing member, it is less affected by friction and can achieve fast opening and closing (can be controlled within 0.05-0.1s) and less impactful operation, in addition, the spherical closing member can withstand the high pressure difference that exists when closing and can also achieve automatic positioning.

5. It has a two-way seal, which makes the work more stable and reliable.

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