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Brazil Tungsten Carbide Roller Ring Order

Date:2022-11-02Tags:Tungsten Carbide Roller Ring supplier,bulk Tungsten carbide roller ring,carbide roller price list,tc

The customer is a Brazilian steel enterprise, there are several high speed bar production lines, carbide roller ring has become a necessity for the enterprise, because the production line is becoming more and more backward with time, in order to develop the enterprise, improve the efficiency of the enterprise, specially introduced an advanced high speed bar production line, using innovative technology, with low temperature, low loss, high efficiency, and so on, and then also spend a lot of money to import the supporting carbide roller ring, but the actual use effect is not good. But the actual use effect is not good, can not adapt to this working condition.

For this production line invested a lot of money, and can not find a suitable carbide roller ring, the efficiency growth is not good, for this reason the leadership of the enterprise is anxious to seek help on the Internet, just this news was seen by our old customer, so the old customer recommendedWe Jetvision to the company to purchase, through in-depth e-mail exchange, we have a certain understanding of the specific needs of the customer about the carbide roller ring.

We understand the tying process, technology, equipment and working period with this customer. After the information about the carbide roller ring was collected, our company's professional technical team discussed and gave suggestions on the special carbide roller ring for the high speed bar production line of this enterprise. The customer was very interested, and through the understanding of our history, brand, R&D capability, production capacity, successful cases, etc., and the trust in Jetvision's products, the contract was signed with a batch of tungsten carbide roller rings soon.

Thank you very much for your trust, we will make products that satisfy you and live up to your trust!


Cemented carbide roll ring, also called tungsten carbide alloy roll ring, is an important part of steel bar and wire rod rolling with high consumption, and is closely related to the apparent quality, dimensional accuracy and cost of the rolled steel.

Tungsten carbide roll ring has good turnability, no special lathe, the existing ordinary lathe can be used for rolling groove turning of roll ring. For turning process, the tool head can be made of high hardness carbide tool material.


Excellent surface mirror finish.

High hardness, round HRA 87 or even to HRA91.

High wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The service life of tungsten carbide is 50 times longer than common steel tools.

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.Ltd is one of the leading Tungsten carbide manufacturers and suppliers with over 20years experience of tungsten carbide products production and technology, It’s a professional supplier which provide kinds of tungsten carbide products, such as Cemented carbide roller rings, tungsten carbide bushing, tungsten carbide sheet, carbide tube, cemented carbide rod, tungsten carbide button, carbide mining inserts, carbide blade, tungsten carbide strip, carbide dies, carbide brazed tips, tungsten carbide no standard products, carbide studs, tungsten carbide customized components which are widely used in machinery, mining, construction, oil and drill, industrial engineering etc.

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