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How to "become" a Qualified Carbide Sealing Ring

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Carbide sealing rings, also known as carbide O-rings, are sealing elements used in industrial and mechanical applications. They are commonly used in industrial applications to maintain sealing performance of machinery and equipment at high temperatures, high pressures, corrosion and other harsh conditions.

Cemented Carbide Seal Rings are made from Cemented Carbide, a hard and wear-resistant alloy that is usually composed of metals such as tungsten and cobalt. This allows Cemented Carbide Seal Rings to withstand high pressures and temperatures while providing excellent wear and corrosion resistance. These properties make them suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications, such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and metallurgical.

Tungsten carbide sealing rings are often designed to ensure optimum performance in sealing applications. They can be used for either static or dynamic sealing, depending on the specific application. The shapes and sizes of these sealing rings vary according to the needs to accommodate different mechanical constructions and sealing requirements.

Cemented carbide sealing rings play an important role in industrial environments where high strength, wear and sealing performance, as well as corrosion resistance are required. Their use extends the life of mechanical equipment and ensures safe and stable operation of the system.

Seal ring is a general term for dynamic and static rings, which are the most important components of mechanical seals. Seal ring to a large extent determines the use of mechanical seal performance and life, therefore, need to comply with certain requirements:

1.Sufficient strength and stiffness. In the working conditions (such as pressure, temperature and sliding speed, etc.) is not damaged, the deformation should be as small as possible, the working conditions fluctuations can still maintain the sealing.

2.Seal end face should have sufficient strength and corrosion resistance. To ensure satisfactory service life under working conditions.

3.The sealing ring should have good thermal shock resistance. Requirements for materials with high thermal conductivity and small coefficient of linear expansion, to withstand thermal shock without cracking.

4.Seal ring matching should have a small coefficient of friction and good self-lubrication. Seal ring material and bees fluid should also have good wettability. Work such as the occurrence of a short period of dry friction, do not damage the sealing end face.

5.Seal ring should strive to simple, symmetrical and give priority to the overall type structure. Can also be used in combination (such as mounted) sealing ring, try to avoid the sealing end face spraying type structure.


How to make carbide sealing ring?

Material selection:Cemented carbide is usually composed of a metal carbide (e.g. tungsten carbide) and a binding metal (e.g. cobalt). This combination gives Cemented Carbide excellent hardness and wear resistance. Selecting the right material is critical to the performance of the seal ring.

Preparation by powder metallurgy:Cemented carbides are usually prepared by a powder metallurgical process. This involves mixing a metal carbide powder with a bonded metal powder and pressing the mixture into a "green billet" of the desired shape.

Sintering:The green billet is sintered at high temperatures. During the sintering process, the powder particles are bonded together to form a strong tungsten carbide material.

Processing:After sintering, the carbide blanks are subjected to further processing, such as cutting, grinding and polishing, to obtain the final shape and size of the sealing ring.

Coating:Sometimes, special coatings are added to the surface of the Cemented Carbide sealing ring to increase its corrosion and wear resistance and to reduce the coefficient of friction.

Quality Inspection:The finished carbide sealing rings are subjected to stringent quality inspection to ensure that their dimensions, shape and performance meet the requirements.


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