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India Tungsten Carbide Circular Blade Order

Date:2023-09-08Tags:Tungsten Carbide Circular Blade supplier,cementedcarbide blade price,carbide circular blade in stock

The customer for this order is a well known local dealer in India, who has been cooperating with Jetvision for several years and without any quality issues.

After years of accumulated cooperation, the cooperation between both parties has become highly tacit, and customer has also with a high level of trust in the tungsten carbide products of the Jetvision.

Therefore, over the years, Jetvision has received a amounts of orders from this customer. Of course, continuous order flipping not only because of product quality, but also Jetvision’s professional and attentive service, which always in the entire order execution process with service awareness.

The order signed this time is for tungsten carbide circular blade. Despite multiple collaborations with this type of product, Jetvision will still communicate with customer on every detail point during the inquiry period, and organize pre production meetings with various departments to implement every detail point that customer pay attention to, also verify every customer requirement during execution.

Finally, after all products passed the inspection, Jetvision took the initiative to organize and send photos of product production, inspection, packaging, as well as MTC and third party inspection reports to customer, allowing them to enjoy the entire order process with peace of mind.

India Tungsten Carbide Circular Blade Order Details:

Project location: India

Product: Tungsten carbide blade

Standard and material: YG6, YG8, YG10, YG15, YG18, YG20

Specifications: According to customer’s request and drawing

Application: Used in the field of mechanical processing, such as lathe milling machine, drilling machine,boring machine, milling machine, turning and other processing technology.

Inquiry time: 2023.06.29

Order time: 2023.08.02

Shipping time: 2023.09.09

Expected Arrived time: 2023.9.20

In the future, Jetvision will continue to lead the team, forge the brand with strength, and win the future with services

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