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What is the Function of a Carbide Cold Heading Die?

Date:2023-09-18Tags:cemented carbide cold heading die supplier,carbide cold heading dies manufacturer,carbide mould pric

A carbide cold heading die is a tool used for the cold heading of metals. Cold heading is a very common metal working process, where metal materials are plastically deformed at room temperature to make the desired shape and size. Carbide cold heading dies play a vital role in the cold heading process.

Cold heading mold is the mold that cuts off, preforming and forms into cold forming parts on the cold heading machine.

The main roles of carbide cold heading molds include:

Defining the shape and size of the metal material: Cemented carbide cold heading moulds usually have precise geometrical shapes and sizes, which can plastically deform the metal material according to the desired shape and size, so as to make the desired parts or products.

Improvement of production efficiency: Cemented carbide cold heading molds are characterized by wear resistance and durability, which can withstand high frequency of use, thus improving production efficiency. Compared with the traditional hot heading molding process, the cold heading molding process is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Improve product quality: Cemented carbide cold heading molds are characterized by high precision, high hardness and high stability, which can ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of metal products. This excellent quality performance will directly affect the quality and performance of metal products, thus improving the market competitiveness of the products.

Cemented carbide cold heading die is one of the key tools in cold heading forming process, which has an important role in defining the shape and size of metal materials, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Its main functions include the following points:

Forming tool: Tungsten carbide cold heading die is used to process the raw material (usually metal wire or steel) into the desired shape of the part in the cold heading machine. It processes the raw material into threads, grooves, holes or other specific shapes by applying pressure and cutting force to meet the design requirements of the product.

Increased productivity: Tungsten carbide cold heading dies can increase productivity significantly as they are able to complete the forming work efficiently. Cold heading typically requires less energy and can be accomplished more quickly than hot work methods.

Accurate Dimensional Control: Molds are designed and built with a high degree of precision, ensuring that cold heading results in products of precise size and shape. This is critical for manufacturing products that require a high degree of consistency and quality.

Extended Die Life: Cemented Carbide typically has a high degree of hardness and wear resistance, which allows cold heading dies to have a long life. This reduces production costs as the frequency of mold changes is reduced.

Improve product quality: By using Cemented Carbide cold heading molds, the deformation and tearing of the material can be reduced, which improves the surface quality and mechanical properties of the product.

In conclusion, Cemented Carbide Cold Heading Dies play a vital role in the metalworking industry, they help to improve productivity, ensure product quality and reduce production costs.

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