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  • Tungsten alloy water drop fishing sinker
  • Tungsten alloy water drop fishing sinker
  • Tungsten alloy water drop fishing sinker
  • Tungsten alloy water drop fishing sinker
  • Tungsten alloy water drop fishing sinker

Tungsten Alloy Water Drop Fishing Sinker

Material: >95% Tungsten Carbide
Advantage: Smooth hole,chip resistant,color lasting
Certification: ISO 9001
Place of Origin: Hunan China
Payment Terms: T/T, West union
Supply capacity: 99999 pcs/month
Delivery Time: 7-20 days
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Product Description

The water drop shape tungsten alloy fishing weight can improve the efficiency of fishing and is favored by the majority of anglers. There is a clip on the top of the drop-type tungsten alloy fishing sinker. The fishing line can be directly clamped on the shelf. It does not need to be knotted or slipped. Tungsten material is harder, denser, more compact than traditional lead. Insert freely, diamond polished, ensure you get no line damaged. Perfect for fishing in rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs where snags can be very time consuming and frustrating.

1. The products are in various shapes and can be produced according to drawings and samples.

2. The products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. There is no harm to the seabed creatures and human beings.

3. High density, suitable for deep-sea fishing.Tungsten is heavier and approximately 50% smaller than lead which means they work better in heavy cover/weeds and will have fewer hang-ups.

4. Stable performance, resistant to seawater corrosion, never rust.

5.Added sensitivity helps you detect even the most subtle bites, otherwise would been missed with traditional lead weights.

Application of Tungsten Alloy Water Drop Fishing Weight

The fishing sinker is made of tungsten and is an ideal substitute for Pb fishing sinkers. Tungsten alloy fishing sinks have strong adhesion, semi-solid, and softness that can be maintained for a period of time. Tungsten alloy has the largest weight in the smallest space, often used in sporting goods, such as fishing sinkers and golf weights.

We Jetvision can produce and design different kinds of fishing weights per customer’s requirement. Feel free to contact us if any question.

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