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  • Tungsten carbide arrow points for archery
  • Tungsten carbide arrow points for archery
  • Tungsten carbide arrow points for archery
  • Tungsten carbide arrow points for archery
  • Tungsten carbide arrow points for archery

Tungsten Carbide Arrow Points For Archery

Tungsten Arrow Points for Archery
Material: >95% Tungsten Carbide
Certification: ISO 9001
Place of Origin: Hunan China
Payment Terms: T/T, West union
Supply capacity: 99999 pcs/month
Delivery Time: 7-20 days
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Product Description

Key advantages of Tungsten Alloy Target points:

Shorter, and result in lower side area of arrow. 

Heavier, and hence offer a heavier arrow.

Less likely to bend, stainless steel points bend easily because they are long as compared to the tungsten points. But they will bend less than the regular points. As a result, tungsten points last for several arrow sets.   

At its end, the head has one or more break-offs. These can be broken off at ease to acquire the perfect arrowhead weight.

Shape: Bullet-Shape

This standard form is used often in Fita target shooting. With its round shape, it is gentler to target as well as easier to drag out.

Material: Tungsten (Wolfram)

With high hardness, consistency & density, Tungsten is a superior white metal. It is approximately three times heavy than the conventional stainless steel, and thus perfect for arrowheads to shift the weight into the arrow point. Its another advantage is that it gives the arrow tuning. The deposit of tungsten on the earth's surface is about 0,0001 g/t, and therefore it is a very rare metal, and very expensive as well.

After some 60 seconds, the Break-Off point perfectly sticks together with carbon shaft. Also the carbon shaft has to be whet from inside and solvent cleaned. 1-2 drops of Bond onto the head shaft, push in rotating movement the whole way until it is close fastened.

Accuracy of Run-point of the arrow point is: 0.006 µ

Arrow points’ specification as below for your choice. We accept customized design per customer’s drawing.

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