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  • Tungsten carbide ballast tamper
  • Tungsten carbide ballast tamper
  • Tungsten carbide ballast tamper
  • Tungsten carbide ballast tamper

Tungsten Carbide Ballast Tamper

Place of Origin: Hunan, China
Brand Name:Jetvision
Model Number: Tungsten carbide wear plate
Type: Construction Tool Parts
Product name:Cemented Tungsten Caribde for Railway Track Tamping Pick
Keywords: Tungsten Carbide,Cemented Caribde,Tamping Pick
Grade: YG20, YG20C
Advantage:15 Years Experience
Usage:Tungsten carbide tamping tool, tamping pick
Material:Tungsten Carbide
Surface treatment:Sand blasting, Finish Grounded
Performance:TRS > 3000 N/mm3, Hardness: 85- 92 HRA
Chemical composition:Co-WC
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Product Description

Solves difficult wear problems with Tungsten Carbide components for railroad maintenance of way equipment. BTI revolutionized the industry when we invented solid Tungsten Carbide tamping tools, skids, and plows. We continue to offer valuable Tungsten Carbide ground-engaging tools for tampers, ballast regulators, ballast undercutters, adzers and tie and rail maintenance equipment. Call us to “BTI” your tough maintenance of way wear problems with Tungsten Carbide technology!Ballast Tools Inc. manufactures Tungsten Carbide-protected tamping tools designed for long life and durability. Tamping tools are available for Jackson, Tamper and Plasser tamping machines. They have Carbide coverage on virtually all pad wear areas combined with metallurgically superior shanks, the company says. Their slim, impact-resistant, penetrating profile and high tool strength facilitate tamping in extremely compacted ballast, the company says. Long tool life reduces machine downtime due to changeouts, avoids dangerous on-track replacements, and increases tamping efficiency and quality, the company says.

Tungsten Carbide wear-protected parts for all railroad maintenance of way equipment. BTI invented and developed solid Tungsten Carbide tamping tools in the 1970s. Our engineers are constantly seeking ways to improve, helping BTI provide cutting-edge tamping

BTI engineers and manufactures tamping tools in a variety of styles for many different tamping machines, all with BTI solid Tungsten Carbide protection. Almost as hard as a diamond, Tungsten Carbide has high impact stretch and can resist wear and impact applications far longer than steel. Extended part life means less downtime, higher production, and more efficient

Proudly manufactured in our 130,000 square foot facility in Festus, Missouri, BTI parts are known for their quality, durability, and innovation. We partner with our customers to help them solve their maintenance of way machine wear problems. Let us “BTI” your tough wear problem with a Tungsten Carbide solution

Tungsten Carbide Tamping Tools :

BTI Tungsten Carbide Tamping Tools are the MOW standard for durability and performance tamping for more than 30 years.  Expect high insertion counts and long consistent tamping performance out of each tool.  Ballast Tools has specifically engineered BTI Tamping Tools for all Plasser, Harsco (Jackson & Tamper) and Matisa machines.  BTI Tools require no maintenance for the life of the tool, perform well in large and small machines, are designed for easy insertion in compacted ballast and offer a “ballast-dynamic” shank for EZ-squeeze.

Tungsten Tamper Tips Cemented Carbide Products For Railway Track Tamping Pick

Cemented Tungsten Carbide tamper tips for Railway Track Tamping Pick


Tungsten carbide tip




customized or standard



Country of Origin

Zhuzhou, China


Tungsten carbide tamping tool, tamping pick

Our Advantage

1. With  20years experience of tungsten carbide part for railway tamping pick.

2. Ensure product flat surface, with good wear resistance and bending resistance. Guarantee lifetime up to 400km.
3. Corporate with the best welding center of China, British and Germany.


Grade Cemented Tungsten Carbide tips for Railway Track Tamping Pick / Tamper













Suitable for bottom wearable piece for tamping pick





Suitable for bottom and side wearable piece for tamping pick





Suitable for fore tooth and side tooth wearable piece

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