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  • Tungsten carbide pdc substrate
  • Tungsten carbide pdc substrate
  • Tungsten carbide pdc substrate
  • Tungsten carbide pdc substrate

Tungsten Carbide PDC Substrate

Place of Origin: Hunan, China
Brand Name:Jetvision
Model Number: Customized
chemical proposition:WC, Co
Product Name: PDC substrate
Grade: yg16c
Application: for diamond tipped drill bit
Certificate: ISO9001
Advantages:Wear Resistance
Delivery time:7-10dyas
Transport:TNT\DHL\ Fedex\ EMS\ UPS
Packing: Carton
Type: Substrate Blanks
Dimensions: as per drawing/requested
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Product Description


PDC is composed of poly ctystalline diamond layer and cemented carbide substrate. it is kind of super-abrasive products sintered under super-high pressure and at high temperature. With excellent wear-ability and impact toughness, this very hard product mainly used for making roller cone bit for petroleum drilling and tools for coalmine drilling and geological drilling. Now two kinds of PDC are available: PDC for petroleum drilling & PDC for mining. The shape of interface can be flat or not. The range of thickness

of polycrystalline diamond layer from 0.8mm to 3mm. And we cut PDC to different shape as per customer's requirement.

 Cemented carbide substrate blanks for HPHT processing manufactured to custom dimensions in accordance with agreed solution. Grades and designs are tailored to each customer based on individual needs and requirements.

Jetvision manufactures highly engineered cemented carbide substrates for poly crystalline diamond (PDC) enhanced cutters.  Our carbide substrates are manufactured with a range of interface geometries and metallurgical properties to meet the requirements for PDC cutters.

Jetvision, with its in-house carbide powder production and modern sintering process control, is able to maintain key carbide substrate properties, specifically magnetic saturation and coercivity. These properties are extremely consistent within a batch and across different batches.

We can produce carbide substrates with high tolerances on dimensional and metallurgical properties.  The inserts utilize complex interface geometries that can help the finished bit sustain higher impacts without damage.  

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