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  • Tunsten carbide anti-slip tire studs
  • Tunsten carbide anti-slip tire studs
  • Tunsten carbide anti-slip tire studs
  • Tunsten carbide anti-slip tire studs
  • Tunsten carbide anti-slip tire studs

Tunsten Carbide Anti-slip Tire Studs

Material: >95% Tungsten Carbide
Certification: ISO 9001
Place of Origin: Hunan China
Payment Terms: T/T, West union
Supply capacity: 99999 pcs/month
Delivery Time: 7-20 days
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Product Description

Durable tire studs help prevent slippage from ice and snow all season long, allowing you to safely and efficiently manage even the iciest terrain. These hefty tire studs with their unique wide–auger design install easily with a cordless drill and stay put like no other screw–in studs on the market. Their solid tungsten carbide core has grabbing power that delivers traction when you need it – no more broken chains! Varied thread depths and tip lengths fit a wide range of rubber tires and tracks for reliable traction on ice, snow, mud or frozen pavement. Easily to be removed at season’s end if desired.

【Material】Made of hard metaland tungsten carbide, these tire stud screws are strong and durable in use.

【No Harm to Ground】It has a low ground pressure and it is environmental friendly with minimum impact.

【Easy to Install】The new style screw in tire studs can be easily installed and removed without professional tools, it can also be disassembled according to the reason, When not in use, it could be removed lightly and stored for using again in th following season.

【Fit For】This kind of screws are suitable for most of tires and add ultimate off-road capacity to your ordinary ATV, UTV or 4X4 vehicles. It brings a good anti-slip property for your tires.Fits for most tires and adds ultimate off-road capacity to car, truck, motorcycles, etc.

Please choose appropriate size of new tire studs in the installation process in terms of the depth of tire thread.

Installation process:
Drill (using a very small bit) down from the center of chosen knob into the tire. Drill a screw up from inside to out. If the angle isn't perpendicular to the tire, it will stick out one side or the other. Do one hole and screw at a time.  Put duct tape over the screws on the inside of the tire. Sometimes it is best to use two layers of tape.


Customized Design

We accept customized design per customer’s drawing or sample. Below some pictures for your reference.

These durable carbide tire studs suitable for all tires, such as racing cars, motorcycles , trucks, forklifts, tractors, skid steers, bicycles, shoes and boots.

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